The Last of Us


Honestly, I wouldn’t buy into it until you hear something official, but this image is making the rounds from LawBreakers, out of Peru. The image above shows the price followed by October 2019 in the bottom left corner. While, it’s possible this is fake in some capacity or it’s some gaming chain trying to ultra smart somehow, it’s an interesting reveal and would likely line up with what everyone would like… the Last of Us sequel coming sooner than later. Should you get your hopes up? Nah, but I would expect something to come out as this gets out there further across the Internet confirming maybe a quarter for the release – it’s soon, for sure. Probably 2019 according to this interview at least. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btmN-bWwv0A The above trailer explains most of what we know so far. You can play as Ellie, so that’s a start and it’s a video game.…

Below is literally a true to the title’s words list of 5 random games that people will argue that the games are better than Fortnight. I source this list from many previous conversations where I was just asking for my friends to work hard on their epic victory royales and really bring in that chicken dinner, but alas they instead tell me: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild… is better than Fortnite. Metacritic gives it a 97 and literally any video gamer that you talk to who is a true video gamer that has played it will also give it around a 97 because it’s truly an amazing game. For the Nintendo Switch / Wii U, it pushes what you can do with colors and the world even on hardware that’s always last gen. H1Z1 – Not Battle Royale … is better than Fortnite. Much like Firefly, H1Z1…

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