So you got the game, the nice tv, and are ready to binge for hours on end. But games aren’t just about playing them, it’s about the experience. You can amplify your experience so much more than you realize, and I’m here to tell you how to take your video game experience to the next level. First up on the list is the chair. Your video game chair will be one of the most consistent aspects in your life. No matter how long you binge, what game you play, your chair will always be there to support you. Your choice of chair is crucial. A bean bag chair is an excellent option, and there are several gaming chairs out on the market as well. I’d recommend a futon if you are in a college dorm, but my personal favorite is a nice lazy boy styled recliner. That is the ideal…

So the other day I came across some frosted circus animal cookies, and instantly I was back in another time and place. I said out loud how they reminded me of Super Mario 64 since I would always eat them while playing that game. Funny enough, my brother agreed with me, saying he thought the same thing. Isn’t it crazy how that works? My boy Sarge is ruthless! The human mind is truly incredible, and I started thinking of what other games I associatewith certain foods. Strangely enough, I associate these barbeque chips with Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes and know that the first time I cranked up Modern Warfare 2, I was eating pretzels. I’ll also hear certain songs that I would jam to during my MW2 online matches, and I instantly think of the game. Does anyone else feel like this, or is it just me? The thing that…

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