Secret Ending


There is more going on in River City Girls than the game initially lets on. If you want to see all this game has to offer, then you are going to need to track down the game’s many destructible statues. Check out how every statue’s location down below so you can unlock the game’s secret ending. How to Unlock the Secret Boss and Secret Ending https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyWKFQ7bklQ The true final boss in River City Girls is Hasebe and Mami. By taking on this secret challenge, you can unlock the true ending to the game. You can see the final boss fight and ending within the video provided above. That being said, unlocking this secret finale is not going to be an easy task. You will first have to find and destroy all 25 of the Sabu statues. Check out their locations down below. Sabu Statue #1 The first statue can be…

Blair Witch is a property unlike any other, as it boggles and horrifies in a way all its own. That being said, players have begun to navigate the many paths of the game’s winding story. As a result, three endings have been revealed. If you want to learn how to earn the good, bad and secret endings to Blair Witch without revealing any major spoilers, check out the information below. How to Get the Good Ending in Blair Witch In order to earn what many players consider to be the good ending to Blair Witch, you are going to have to follow a series of instructions that harken back to nearly the beginning of the game. Do not harm Bullet. During the final chapter, the ghost will eventually haunt you by writing something horrifying about your pet on a nearby wall. You will then receive a button prompt. Do not…

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