Baptiste has a lot to set him apart from the other support heroes of Overwatch, and with a high learning curve, he can be a bit difficult to pick up. If you struggle at first, don’t feel bad. Baptiste is new to everyone, and we’re all learning. With that said, let’s go over the latest hero’s abilities and quirks, and discuss what you can do to give yourself a competitive edge. Baptiste Hero Overview Baptiste is a support hero unlike any other. His main weapon, the Biotic Launcher, is a three-round burst hitscan rifle (primary fire) that doubles as a healing grenade launcher (alternate fire). His three-round burst is most effective at short to medium range, while his healing grenades can be lobbed quite a distance away to help teammates in need. Baptiste’s first ability is Regenerative Burst, which immediately begins healing himself and nearby allies over a short time.…

Overwatch has taken over the world of competitive shooters. With that in mind, we have a guide to make sure you always stay ahead of the pack. Overwatch was first released back in 2016. Crafted by none other than Blizzard Entertainment, the competitive online multiplayer shooter has garnered massive critical and financial success over the years. The hit title even has a vibrant and thriving professional league. Consequently, Overwatch players have been only growing and growing in both number and skill over the past three years. If you need some help staying on top in this competitive shooter, don’t fret. Check out this guide on how to properly use Junkrat, a top tier damage dealer, so that you stay on top in competitive. Overview Junkrat Junkrat is one of many heroes available for play in Overwatch. Each character is parceled off to one of three categories, being damage, support or…

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