Since the Super Bowl earlier this month, we have gone nearly one month without football (I’m not counting the AAF). I don’t care much for basketball, but I’ll catch a college game every now and then. Now is the time of the year when I anxiously await for the baseball season to start up, but the best time of the year is when the baseball season is well underway and college football starts back up again. But if NCAA Football was still around, we could have college football in the palms of our hands every day of the year. I recently wrote an artcile about my referee concept game, so here are my takes for revitalizing the NCAA Football franchise. The Road to Glory mode where you create a player and play your senior season of high school all the way through your college career was one of my favorites.…

If you are a sports fan of any kind, I’m sure you have heard the news. With time dwindling at the end of the fourth quarter, Drew Brees threw a pass on third down to his wide receiver on the sideline. The receiver is sprinting to get into position to catch the pass when all of a sudden, BOOM! He gets nailed by the defensive back, unable to catch the pass. It is obvious pass interference. The Saints will get a new first down, can kill some clock, and kick a game-winning fieldgoal to send them to the Super Bowl. However, the referee never threw a flag. The game would eventually go to overtime with the Los Angeles Rams coming out on top. Tough break for the Saints. A fan ended up recreating the play in Madden, which is pretty creative if you ask me. This time, the ref immediately…

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