Luigi's Mansion 3


I love watching horror games on YouTube, at least ones that don’t rely only on jump scares. Games like Baldi’s Basics, Outlast, Resident Evil 5, etc. are all fun haunts to watch someone else deal with the tension of being chased. Being chased is the primary theme of most horror games. There is a monster, somewhere hidden within the game world and he’s coming for you. Seriously, look at the below: Most horror games involve fear being from the unknown element of a stalker. Something is out there and you could run into it at any given point. Fear is the motivator but Luigi’s mansion is different. It’s creepy and spooky and scary and it has jump scares, plenty of them, but it doesn’t use time as a motivator. It doesn’t make you have to run and hide and constantly test different locations for you to hide in order for…

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a continuation of Luigi’s bad luck of having to rescue his brother from some wacky group that has captured him. In Luigi’s Mansion 3 you dive into a hotel that has many floors for you to tackle and locate your best friends who were invited for a weekend of relaxation that turned sour. Overall, the game isn’t too complex. There are some minor jump scares, like interacting with a drawer may cause a jack in the box style effect. You’re guided throughout the game by your loyal pooch and if you’re ever really stuck, just go into the game menu for some hints or wait for a bit and one of the characters will help let you know what to do. Otherwise, here are some tips to make the game a bit easier and to understand a few of the neat mechanics in Luigi’s Mansion 3:…

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