Recently, it was exposed that Thomas Cheung, a popular video game influencer and employee of Hi-Rez Studios, makers of SMITE, Paladins and Realm Royale, was arrested in Operation Interception. Operation Interception was a sting, much like the Chris Hansen “To Catch a Predator” series, where suspects were caught soliciting sex from a minor. While innocent until proven guilty, the allegations and the evidence presented so far are very serious. Of course, sadly in our society, this isn’t a once off situation. These busts occur frequently and the work of our officers and legal system work diligently to protect society from this kind of harm. What makes this situation relevant to the gaming community is that Elvinelol was a popular influencer, affiliated with many gaming brands and ran the local Twitch Atlanta Community (not affiliated with Twitch). He attended gaming conventions where attendees of all ages gather to celebrate gaming. He…

A child sex sting operation finally reached its end this Super Bowl Sunday. Of the 21 men arrested, none other than Hi-Rez studios’ Thomas Cheung has been taken into custody. Thomas Cheung has previously worked for CCP Games on EVE Online and held contracts from popular game companies like NZXT who has released a statement saying they are not affiliated with him and they condemned this behavior and Steelseries, who has acknowledged he is no longer associated with the brand, but has yet to release any other statement. (Tweets below). This is a travesty for the gaming community, in which he had many hands in and wore many hats in the last few years for. While only currently a suspect, these allegations are very strong. (Editor’s Note) This hits really close to home, literally, being based out of Georgia. Dot Matrix Media, Game Truth’s parent company, absolutely condemns this behavior…

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