Let’s face it, we all need snack ideas from time to time. Our guide to gaming snacks goes through the universal snacks which work for almost everywhere and then snacks best for gaming and for watching streams. From popcorn and ice cream to banana loaf bread, here are some ideas to enhance your culinary snacking while gaming. Nothing in this article focuses on being healthy, but at the same time we try to avoid bad ideas like sitting at the computer with an entire cake. Universal Snacks (Boring) Let’s start with the boring and uneventful snacks and move to something more exciting. Popcorn: You can’t go wrong with this iconic treat. Easy to microwave, easy to eat, just watch out for greasy controllers. Buy the popcorn without the flavorings to remove some of the grease.Potato Chips: Decent, greasy, aim for less greasy types of chips like rice crackers or baked…

Alright, so this may sound a little messed up, but I have always thought Kirby looks so tasty. Just look at him, he’s so cute. He looks good enough to eat. Kirby likes to suck up and swallow enemies, so why not return the favor? Kirby’s squishy texture is intriguing. I imagine Kirby would be chewy, like a nice piece of bubblegum. I played baseball for years, so naturally I am a big bubblegum guy. I feel like Kirby would even taste like gum as well. You could probably blow some epic bubbles with Kirby, with how he can expand and how stretchy he is. Perhaps one could even blow a bubble big enough that they could fly away into the sky, much like Kirby himself can do. Or maybe Kirby is strawberry flavored. Strawberry is near the top of the candy-flavor charts without a doubt. There is no better…

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