Dragon Quest Builders 2


I had so much fun with DragonQuest Builders 2 but there is a few really interesting things to note of if you’re just starting or currently playing that can help make your play through easier. Check out our below hints and tips to get you through the game. This is mostly spoiler free. I’m going to mention tool unlocks, but I’m not going to talk about the story or what the specific zones have going on in them. General Game Tips You’ll unlock a bag very early in the game that has many tabs and can store lots of materials. Don’t be afraid to toss materials until you get the bag. After you get the bag, throw away extra materials often. For instance, when you unlock the ability to take out a lot of soil fast, soil will quickly start to stuff your bags full. Throw away extra that you’ll…

Dragon Quest Builders 2, a voxel based builder and RPG, is a direct sequel to Dragon Quest II and a spiritual successor to Dragon Quest Builder. You play as a builder as an apprentice builder going around with Malroth (hard to spoil this since it lays it out at the start, the big baddie in the original games but in Human form). You explore this large and vast world, learning how to build more and more things and upgrading bases to produce supplies for you. Villagers will till the fields, sow the seeds, gather the crops and even cook the food for you. You’ll eventually be able to automate much of the base, including everything from its defense to its production. As you advance through the games you’ll unlock more and more recipes and in general, it’s a pretty good time. Let me start off with the positives: it’s cute…

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