Black Ops


Why? It’s a question that many gaming fans over the years have screamed in agony at every turn, and the newest target seems to be every time a new game gets announced and the main selling point is the Battle Royal experience. Why is there another one? Why would they waste their time in an already saturated market? Why did they think we need this? Why, why, why? Some say that it’s just because of the money, but I have a feeling that it’s a bit more complex than that. Before I dig too deep into that I want to make sure everyone is on the same page about what exactly makes a Battle Royal game. The term Battle Royal comes from the Japanese movie of the same name in which a group of high school students is placed on an island and forced to fight to the death, which…

I will be 100% transparent. I don’t even remember the last Call of Duty game I have purchased. I used to be a loyal fan, building up anticipation for the new release every November, but at some point, I couldn’t justify buying it anymore. Each game seemed to be worse and worse than the previous, and I vowed that I wouldn’t buy another unless it was worth it. Now I played alongside some friends because when someone needs a partner to take on zombies, you aren’t going to say no. I feel like the franchise became about pumping out games and setting money records with every release instead of making quality ones. I honestly have no idea how they made four Black Ops games. I never got the same feeling I had gotten when playing any of the Modern Warfares or World at War. The newer releases didn’t do it for me. A movie is…

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